2022-06-30 08:39:01 By : Ms. Ariel Chen

There are various types and shapes, but the difference is made by the material with which it is built.All practical adviceElegant, functional and able to offer the right privacy, the gazebo is an element of the garden that is often underestimated, but which gives a much more captivating appearance to the outside.Furthermore, if insulated or provided with windows, it can be used all year round.There are various types and shapes of gazebos, but the difference is made by the material with which it is built: iron and steel are practical and resistant, wood, however, is the ideal solution to make the garden elegant and refined.If you are a DIY lover and this summer you have decided to enrich the garden with a gazebo in which to take refuge to have a well-deserved rest, building it yourself is easier than you think, but above all you will have the satisfaction of having made it home made.Square, round or rectangular: the shapes of the gazebos are different so before starting work, you have to choose the one that best suits the space available and carry out the project.This phase is important because if you have an established budget and well-defined spaces, it allows you to calculate the measurements of the perimeter and the overall cost so as not to exceed.With clear ideas and a project carried out in detail, you can start the construction of the gazebo.The first phase is the most important one because it involves the preparation of the ground which must be flat and compact to give stability to the structure.If it does not meet these requirements, you must arrange for it to be leveled.At this point the time has come to start the real construction of the gazebo, obviously starting from the foundations.The first operation is to dig four or more holes, depending on the shape of the structure, making sure to position them equidistant: they will be used to insert the wooden poles on which the entire structure will support.Vibrated concrete wells must be inserted inside the housings and must be centered and leveled.At this point it is necessary to position the poles and pour the concrete inside the holes.After allowing the concrete to rest for at least one night, you need to mount the floor.On the market there are ready-made kits or wooden strips already cut to size designed to make the job easier.The methods to build the floors are different, the most used is the interlocking one: the boards must be precisely wedged together and to make them more resistant you can add some mastic.Alternatively, the screws that anchor the boards to the ground are also good, the important thing is that they are able to withstand time and wear.Once the floor has been made, the gazebo gradually begins to take shape and the fences are inevitable.If you are skilled with woodworking you can make them yourself, otherwise on the market there are prefabricated ones of different shapes and sizes.The latter is the best choice because it will save you time and effort, moreover, they are easy to assemble.They are usually fixed to the poles of the structure and to the floor through metal bands or hinges.Usually three hinges (one at the bottom, one at the top and one in the center) will have to be mounted on the posts, while four (two on each side) on the floor.The roof is the most important part of the gazebo and in a certain sense difficult to make, so it is better to resort to the prefabricated one.Although a lot depends on the shape of the roof, the first thing to do is to mount the supports, these can be curved and cover the entire diameter of the roof or simply poles, to be fixed on the skeleton of the gazebo and then all together in the center of the structure.In both cases, you have to use bands and hinges to stop them.Once the posts have been mounted and locked both on the structure and in the center, you need to apply a lightweight sheathing and the cladding panels.These can be placed overlapping (in part) one on the other and fixed with special screws.The structure is now complete, all that remains is to furnish it by inserting a sofa, chairs, tables and comfortable cushions inside to relax with friends or read a good book.If you want to give it an extra touch, you can complete it with fresh flowers and battery-operated lights so that you can use it even in the evening and have a cozy atmosphere.